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We provide Quality pets like Dogs, Birds, Cats, Aquarium fishes, Pet food and Accessories in Chennai, India. we have pets for sale. Started as an hobbyist having pets like Dogs, Birds and ornamental fishes, we found that getting quality pets under one roof is sometimes difficult. Our main motive in creating this venture is to provide quality stuff at an affordable cost. We also do consultancy for these pets with the help of people who are in the field for decades. Please take time to go through the Dogs, Birds, Cats and Aquarium sections of our website for getting information on all the species..

High quality Pets, reasonable pricing, honesty and excellent service is our philosophy to fulfill each of our valuable customer personal satisfaction.We strive to offer an unsurpassed level of customer service and attention which you as our valued customer can expect.

We provide Quality Pet food and have tie-ups with top brands like Royal Canin, Pedigree and Eukanuba. We provide Cat and Bird food, Cages and other Accessories. We also provide Aquarium tanks, Fish food, Canister filters, power filters, Protein skimmer, Metal Halide lights, Marine trace elements, Water Conditioners and other Aquarium Accessories.

More importantly, this website is developed because we are dog lovers ourselves. As most dog owners know, dogs are like children and it is our desire to help all dogs find the right parents, who can responsibly take care of them. Ask such, we have developed the following features to help your find the right dog and the dog breeders, the right parents for their puppies.


At some point of time we might be in a situation where we can no more be with our pets which would be like a separation of our family member. We help your pet to find a right home where your pet will be cared as you would care. 

Buying and Selling:

When you have decided the purpose of Pet and budget we can help you find the best Pet with a conscious heart. 

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