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Imovax polio injections are available with us & all kinds of vaccianation available.





Veterinary Medicines Dealers

All types of veterinary product in wholesale. We have accessories and medicines for all Types Of Pets. 


Pet Accessories

We provide Cat and Bird food, Cages and other Accessories. We also provide Aquarium tanks, Fish food, Canister filters, power filters, Protein skimmer, Metal Halide lights, Marine trace elements, Water Conditioners and other Aquarium Accessories.



We provide Quality Pet food and have tie-ups with top brands like Focus, Drools, Pedigree, Purepet, Genesis, Chicopee, Cibau, Natural & Delicious, Hill, Ecopet, Fun Dog, Special Dog, More, Fidele, Earthborn, Farmina Team Breeder



doctors are available on everyday evening 6.00pm to 9.00pm both branches.



At kandan & Kannan Pet Medical Center, our goal is to provide every patient with the most compassionate, comprehensive medical care available. In doing so, we will treat each client as a welcomed guest and each pet as our very own.  We offer complete animal health care services to make sure your pets stay happy and healthy.



Poultry are domesticated birds kept by humans for the eggs they produce, their meat, their feathers, or sometimes as pets.

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